Silicone Coated 27lb Natural Parchment Paper Squares (All Sizes Available)

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Unrefined Natural Parchment Paper

These 27lb extra slick silicone coated parchment paper sheets are 100% unbleached, Chlorine & Chromium free. Silicone coated for the extra release needed. Oil & water resistant for non-stick coating makes your baking and cooking safe and non-toxic. 


Parchment paper temperature resistance is up to 425-degree Fahrenheit. It’s perfect for baking bread and cookies, cooking food or roasting vegetables and its waterproof, grease proof, anti-oil, anti-stick.


Your cookies and cakes can easily slide off the baking sheet/pan without any sticking. Parchment Paper allows for fast and easy cleaning time, no wasting time in scrubbing your baking trays.

Custom Sizes & Bulk Orders are Available: Submit Inquires Through our Website